Water Meter, 1-1/2"

Water Meter, 1-1/2"

Advantage Controls
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Water Care
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1-1/2", 10 Gallons per contact, 150 PSI Max, 1.5 - 100 GPM.          

Key Features:

Meets AWWA Standards • Multi-Jet Design • Bronze Body • Registers Velocity and Totalized Flow • Low Cost • Includes Couplings


Series AW contacting head water meters provide an electrical dry contact out for proportional control when used with the appropriately optioned controller or pump based on water flow. Constructed to meet or exceed all sections of AWWA Standard C-708 the AW series meters have bronze bodies with durable synthetic polymer measuring chambers. The Multi-Jet chamber assures accuracy over a wide flow range with little head pressure loss. Measurement surfaces are non-wear, providing sustained accuracy despite the presence of small impurities in the water.