DW 550 Gallon Tank

DW 550 Gallon Tank

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SKU: AF11111111-1
This polyethylene storage tank system consists of a primary inner tank and a secondary, locked-on outer tank with a capacity of 120% of the inner tank, exceeding EPA standards.
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Storage Systems
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The inner tank dome of our plastic storage tank overlaps outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow, and debris from entering secondary containment, making system ideal for outdoor storage of chemicals.

Our Double Wall Storage Tanks provides individualized secondary containment that, when placed with other industrial storage tanks in large containment areas, prevents cross-contamination, and eliminates possible dangers of commingling of reactive chemicals.

Small footprint saves space, while portability assures convenient system relocation.

Standard lifting lugs and specially designed indentations in the lower sidewall minimize inner tank movement during transport and installation.

Wide range of fittings and accessories to meet your specifications for all of our poly tanks.

Available with heat tracing and insulation for use with temperature sensitive chemicals.

Double Wall Tanks are available in natural color, or blue, green, gray, or black for no extra charge. Custom colors available upon request.